107 Hours of Radio: Raising Awareness of New Jersey’s Heroin Epidemic

Nina, Tom and A.J. from 107.1 FM’s popular Porkroll & Eggs morning show, are dedicating a week of attention to New Jersey’s heroin epidemic, and we want to show our support.

Starting May 19th at 6am, the Porkroll & Eggs Morning Show from 107.1 FM will begin broadcasting live for 107 hours at various locations throughout Monmouth & Ocean counties in New Jersey. Sunrise wants to support this effort, and will have representatives on-hand to provide information and answer questions, and helping those who need assistance find it.

Nina, Tom and A.J. will be stationed in the parking lots of the Monmouth Mall, Freehold Raceway Mall, and Ocean County Mall to help raise awareness about the heroin epidemic taking place right now in our communities.

“Heroin and opiate abuse has become a staggering problem in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. New Jersey is now home to over 10% of the nations heroin addicts, most of whom are between the ages of 17 & 26 years old.” –Porkroll & Eggs

The organizers continue “It is a problem that affects us all, regardless of social status. These are our neighbors and friends, our kids and their peers, dealing with this in schools and at parties and even in our own homes. One of the hardest issues to address is denial. If you think it won’t touch you in some way because of who you are or where you live, you are wrong. Heroin is in your town, it’s a problem and it’s spreading.”

As part of this event, stationary bikes will be setup at each location for anyone to ride. The Jules L. Plangere, Jr. Family Foundation will be donating $1 for every mile ridden on each bike at all locations, up to $25,000, to local charities that fully fund recovery programs.

For more information, visit 107 Radio

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