About Sunrise Detox Toms River

Substance Addiction Treatment Starts with Sunrise Detox

Sunrise Detox provides professional, compassionate medical detox in the most comfortable setting possible, for all drug and alcohol dependencies. We'll get you detoxed and into rehab or treatment.

Sunrise Detox is dedicated to providing a positive, motivational, and medically comfortable detox experience for all of our guests. Our detox protocols were designed by our medical director and founder, who is a leader in the field of medically-supported detox. Our 24 hour nursing support and our luxury accommodations (including gourmet meals) help you stay motivated and complete your treatment. Full time professional, charismatic counselors run daily group meetings, and there is at least one AA or NA meeting every night of the week.

With Sunrise Detox, you'll get back to your new and improved life more quickly than you expect. That's our commitment to you: follow our program, keep an open mind, and we’ll do more than our part to get you well.