Binge Use of Alcohol and Drugs

Getting drunk or high on an intermittent basis — perhaps every weekend —  is known as binge using. There is are indications that people who binge drink stand a considerably greater chance of becoming alcoholics, especially young people, who are still forming neural connections in their brains.  Many authorities believe that this applies to certain drugs as well, especially “uppers” and opiates.  The human brain is not fully mature until about age 22.

Binge use does not mean that we are addicted but, if consistent, it is a danger signal both immediate and for the future.

The big question is whether we need to use during the week in order to be comfortable.  This is known as maintenance use, and it enables alcoholics and other addicts to get through the week while functioning normally, “busting loose” on the weekends.

Only you can decide if you are an addict, but if alcohol or other drugs are causing problems in your life and you still feel that you have to find excuses to use them, or that you “deserve” to, then you definitely have cause for concern.

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