Heroin at the Shore: Sunrise Detox on APP

Asbury Park Press speaks with John Moriarty, Marketing Director for Sunrise Detox Toms River about the prevalence of heroin and the wide variety of individuals that seek treatment for heroin and opiate addiction.
John Moriarty, Marketing Director of Sunrise Detox talks
with Asbury Park Press about opiate addiction.

Local Press Coverage Highlights Sunrise Detox

Asbury Park Press featured Sunrise Detox while shedding light on the increasing prevalence of heroin and opiate addiction throughout Ocean County, Monmouth County, and the Jersey Shore. The coverage highlights the opiate epidemic impacting New Jersey communities.

John Moriarty, Marketing Director for Sunrise Detox had the chance to share his insights about treating opiate addiction. "It's spread all over, [mostly] with opiates," he says. "[The] majority [of patients are] 20-35 year olds; with heroin especially."

He goes on to note that treatment hasn't been limited to any one group or class of people. "We're getting everyone here. We're getting doctors. We're getting lawyers. We're getting moms, grandparents, yours and my kids. We're getting people that are normal citizens getting addicted to heroin, and it's become prevalent as you know in Ocean County, Monmouth County, and the Jersey Shore."

Sunrise Detox Toms River is a state-of-the-art, 38-bed
detox facility that serves over 1,900 people annually. 

Sunrise Detox Toms River: 38 Beds, Hundreds of Clients

In early 2014, Sunrise Detox opened its second facility in Toms River, New Jersey to help combat the growing problem of opiate addiction. The new location further expands access to quality treatment -- building on the success of our Stirling, NJ facility. Both locations show that a safe, comfortable, professional medical detox is the best start to a successful rehab. The new facility allows Sunrise Detox to treat nearly 3,200 New Jersey residents each year.

Toms River provides access to 38 beds with an average patient stay lasting around 6-10 days for a typical detox. While 38 beds doesn't sound like much, they enable us to treat close to 2,000 people per year at this location alone. Our dedication to professional, medical detox and excellent customer care has already allowed hundreds of New Jersey residents to break free of physical dependency on drugs and alcohol. To learn more about our treatment options and the steps we're taking to reduce opiate addiction in New Jersey and beyond, please visit our blog.

Manchester Township resident Ashley L.
shares her experience at Sunrise Detox
and talks about her own heroin addiction.

Addiction Treatment Saves Lives

Ashley, 24 year-old resident of Manchester Township and recent patient of Sunrise Detox, provided further insights into the plight of addiction from within Sunrise Detox Toms River. "80% of the people here are for heroin," she says. "It's cheaper than pills. It's stronger than doing pills. I guess it's just everybody's drug of choice and I know a lot of people who are doing it."

Ashley's experience is by no means a rare phenomenon, and the gravity of heroin addiction isn't at all lost on her. "Yes, there have been quite a lot of friends that have passed away from overdosing. It scares you. It makes you think about it. But the addiction is so bad... you just... kind of say, it's calling you. It's hard to ignore it."

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by Sunrise Detox Toms River on June 20, 2014, 9:43 a.m.