Posts from December, 2013

Toms River Drug Treatment Center Almost Ready

Sunrise Detox knows the importance of a high quality, comfortable, safe and secure initial detox as part of a substance abuse treatment plan.
Dec 20, 2014: The driveways and parking lots are being paved, in preparation for painting and striping. The central fireplace is being installed, and the beds and furniture are finding their homes in the various rooms of the new Sunrise Detox Toms River drug and alcohol treatment center (medical detox center).

Middletown Pharmacy Robbery

Police report an armed robbery at a Rite Aid store in Middletown this week, with the suspect demanding ocycodone (opioid prescription pain killers). Police captured the suspect nearby.

Police in Middletown, NJ arrested a suspect accused with armed robbery of a Rite Aid store this week. The suspect demanded oxycodone tablets, and ran off with a bottle of pills. Oxycodone is the chemical name for the synthetic drug (opioid) used in  prescription pain killers sold as Oxycontin and other brands. Oxycodone, hydrocodone, and other synthetic opiods are the focus of a pain killer and heroin addiction epidemic in New Jersey right now.