Posts from March, 2014

Nearly 700 Attend Recovery-Support Concert in Towson, MD

Maryland was rocked in the name of recovery last week. The Impact Society held its annual concert fundraiser to support its efforts in raising awareness about teenage drug abuse.
The Impact Society, a Maryland non-profit that runs drug-awareness programs in schools, held its annual concert fundraiser last week in Towson, Maryland.

National Prevention Week 2014

SAMHSA's National Prevention Week 2014 is set to begin May 18.
National Prevention Week 2014 begins May 18. New Jersey's events include a program about teenage drug use by the Center for Prevention & Counseling in Newton.

NJ Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Report 2014 Released

Now available: the 2014 report from the New jersey Governor's Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

NJ Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Report for 2014, also known as the "Master Plan", is now available. (PDF download)

Camden County: 15 Heroin Overdoses in One Day

Poisoned or dangerous heroin continues to wreak havoc in New Jersey.
Police wouldn't say much about the poisoned heroin other than its labeled “Magic”, and that it was not laced with fentanyl. Fifteen people were hospitalized, but we don't know how many overdosed.

Government: 80% of Heroin Users Started with Prescription Painkillers

Alarming data from the national data centers show that most heroin abusers started with prescription drugs, including opioid pain killers.
Heroin addiction is a problem in New Jersey. As we treat heroin addiction in the Sunrise treatment centers, we learn of the strong connections between prescription drug abuse and heroin. Now the government is publishing data.

How Much Help is 38 New Detox Beds?

With the 38 beds at our new facility in Toms River, Sunrise Detox can now serve up to 3,200 New Jesery residents suffering from addicions each year.
There were 104 overdose deaths in Ocean County alone last year. The 38 beds at Sunrise Detox's new center in Toms River means the center could have helped up to 150 over that same period.