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Sunrise Detox is the premier medical detox in the United States, with detox centers located in both New Jersey and Florida. Guests arrive from all over the world to check in to a Sunrise Detox facility for care and support during difficult times. With on-site medical staff, nursing support, experienced and understanding technicians and counselors, the Sunrise Detox experience has become known as the finest independent detox, and the best place to start a successful recovery.

If you need help, or are trying to help someone who does, please call our hotline for assistance right now (888) 443-3869.

Our focus on medical effectiveness, patient/guest comfort, and our commitment to "detox with dignity" make us the best choice for a safe, comfortable detox.

Drug Take-Back Day is Saturday, April 29th

Sunrise Detox encourages you to take advantage of Drug Take Back Day, to properly dispose of unused and unneeded prescription medications at drop-off locations in Beachwood, Mantoloking, Seasaide Park and Bay Head this Saturday!

Saturday in Beachwood, Mantoloking, Seasaide Park and Bay Head: Drug Take Back Day. Disposing of old or unused medications is a great way to help to prevent abuse in your community, and Drug Take Back Day comes just once per year!

After a Narcan Reversal - Issues

How does a Person Die of a Heroin Overdose? What happens after Narcan? Is hospitalization required? Are there side effects to Narcan? Life After Narcan is a new series...
Life after a Narcan reversal must include medical care, and addiction treatment if a person is to recover from the overdose and stay alive. Watch for our new series...

Sunrise Detox Job Fair Orlando, Florida : Nov. 30th - Dec. 3rd

Hiring into over 30 jobs in the new Orlando, FL substance abuse treatment center (detox center).
Hiring agencies and managers will be on hand, along with representatives for Sunrise Detox and the new state-of-the-art substance abuse treatment facility opening this coming spring at 2431 West Sand Lake Road, in Orlando, Florida.

Ricky Byrd Sings to the Choir at NCAD 2015

We profiled Ricky Byrd's NCAD keynote last month. His presentation was a hit, and there's video!
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Guitarist Ricky Byrd has been singing songs about recovery and helping others at Sunrise Detox centers in New Jersey for the past few years.  The National Council on Addiction Disorders (NCAD) invited him to Keynote the 2015 Annual Conference in St. Louis. In the video...

Reel Recovery Film Festival New York City

The Reel Recovery Film Festival is coming to New York City in October.
Writers In Treatment is once again proudly presenting The REEL Recovery Film Festival, and this year one of the seven venues is New York City. Time to save the date so you don't miss ...

Einstein on Difficulty

Does anything worthwhile come easy?

Einstein was a genius. Every difficulty we face is an opportunity for growth and future success.

Sunrise Detox Job Fair Cherry Hill: June 3rd - June 5th

Hiring into over 30 jobs in the new Cherry Hill, NJ substance abuse treatment center (detox center).

Hiring agencies and managers will be on hand, along with representatives for Sunrise Detox and the new state-of-the-art substance abuse treatment facility opening this summer at 1417 Brace Road, in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Largest Heroin Bust

Heroin is almost as easy to find as beer, if you know who to ask. Our challenge is to help educate and provide help for those not in control of their need for the drug.
The DEA and local law enforcement confiscated over 150lbs of heroin in one bust. Heroin is everywhere. We need to manage the heroin addiction problem.

Taking Responsibility for Yourself

Responsibility is also power.
When we take responsibility we also take control.

Just Say No!

Defeating temptation...
Doing the right thing is the best thing to do. Period.

Change Is the Law of Life

Don't be afraid of change!
Change is a natural part of life, no matter how scary it is.

2014 NJ Employee Assistance Professional of the Year to be Honored

Marianne Kunze and Dave Reynolds to be honored at association luncheon on April 24, 2015.
Two NJ Employee Assistance Professionals, Marianne Kunze and Dave Reynolds, will be recognized for their achievements at the April 24, 2015 NJ EAP Association luncheon to be held at the Rutgers Club in New Brunswick, NJ.

NJ Treatment Provider Performance Reports

What is the "success rate" of substance abuse treatment in New Jersey? Governor Christie wants to know, and has asked the Division of Mental Health & Addiction Services to start keeping score for treatment centers.

Governor Christie has signed into law a Bill requiring the State to collect data and report on the performance of substance abuse treatment centers operating in the state. He wants a "Treatment Provider Performance Report". We'd like to help him develop it.

Vehicle Exhaust linked to ADHD in Children

ADHD is a common co-occurring disorder associated with substance abuse. Sometimes individuals seeking treatment for drug addiction or alcohol dependency suffered with untreated behavior disorders like ADHD, before becoming trapped into a substance dependency.
More evidence linking environmental pollution to behavioral disorders associated with substance abuse and addition. This time it's polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, chemical molecules commonly found in car and truck exhaust. This New York Metro area study...

Google Glass Internet Addiction

Addiction is an individual disorder, tied to specific cirumstance, mental and physical health status, and personal as well as community history.
A Navy serviceman has been treated for Internet Addiction associated with Google Glass, the wearable computing device. The true details reveal that his addictions, like most, are connected to not just devices or substances, but physical and mental health status, and very individual.

Heroin in oxycodone pills : more dangerous than thought?

A news alert is circulating today about counterfeit oxycodone pills which are actually heroin. But there's more to it than simply the pill color or imprint.

Heroin at the Shore: Sunrise Detox on APP

Asbury Park Press speaks with John Moriarty, Marketing Director for Sunrise Detox Toms River about the prevalence of heroin and the wide variety of individuals that seek treatment for heroin and opiate addiction.
John Moriarty, Marketing Director for Sunrise Detox shares his insights about the opiate addiction epidemic with Asbury Park Press. "It's spread all over, [mostly] with opiates," he says. "[The] majority [of patients are] 20-35 year olds [and] with heroin especially."

Heroin Forum : Dart Coalition Forum Registration

"Can We Talk - Are You Listening?" is a Toms River heroin and opiate forum, scheduled to be held at the Pine Belt Arena from 5pm to 9pm on Tuesday, May 27th. The event is being organized by Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato, and will focus on the heroin epidemic that is sweeping through New Jersey's communities.
New Heroin Forum: Join Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato as he works to shed light on New Jersey's surging heroin and opiate abuse epidemic. Several speakers will be on-hand to provide education and insights, leaving attendees with the tools they need to help combat what's fast become an alarming trend for Jersey Shore communties...and Richie Sambora will be there.

Heroin Kills More People than Vehicle Accidents

According to on-air statistics, heroin purity here is twice the national average, and addicts are as young as 10 years old. Stats like these prove that heroin and opiate addiction is fast becoming everyone's problem.
Nearly 10% of America's heroin addicts live in the Garden State. Last year, more people died from heroin overdose than from vehicle accidents.

Heroin Epidemic Awareness Hits the Airwaves

Join us at various locations throughout the area to help raise heroin addiction awareness! We're accepting donations with stationary bikes set up at each location. Each mile ridden equals one dollar for local charities benefiting families afflicted by New Jersey's tragic heroin epidemic.
We are proud to provide our support to families and loved ones concerned about those they know who are caught in the grips of the terrible affliction that is heroin and opiate addiction -- and you can help.

Fighting the NJ Heroin Epidemic on the Radio

NJ 107.1 FM is broadcasting for 107 hours to raise awareness of the heroin addiction problem. Want to help? Ride a stationary bike to raise money for recovery. Need help? Sunrise Detox can help. We'll be at the event.
From May 19 to May 23, Sunrise Detox will be assisting 107.1 FM, helping to raise awareness of the heroin problem in New Jersey, and helping to reduce the stigma and help fight the good fight against addiction.

Poll Shows NJ Residents Split on Marijuana Legalization

According to a recent (April 2014) Monmouth University/Asbury Park Press poll, New Jersey residents are split evenly on the question of marijuana legalization; 48% of NJ adults in support and 47% opposed. But there's more information within poll data that suggests a less balanced stance on marijuana legalization when it comes to specific demographics.
According to a recent (2014) Monmouth University/Asbury Park Press poll, New Jersey residents are split evenly on the question of marijuana legalization; 48% of NJ adults in support and 47% opposed. But there's more information within poll data that suggests a less balanced stance on marijuana legalization when it comes to specific demographics.

Nearly 700 Attend Recovery-Support Concert in Towson, MD

Maryland was rocked in the name of recovery last week. The Impact Society held its annual concert fundraiser to support its efforts in raising awareness about teenage drug abuse.
The Impact Society, a Maryland non-profit that runs drug-awareness programs in schools, held its annual concert fundraiser last week in Towson, Maryland.

National Prevention Week 2014

SAMHSA's National Prevention Week 2014 is set to begin May 18.
National Prevention Week 2014 begins May 18. New Jersey's events include a program about teenage drug use by the Center for Prevention & Counseling in Newton.

NJ Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Report 2014 Released

Now available: the 2014 report from the New jersey Governor's Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

NJ Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Report for 2014, also known as the "Master Plan", is now available. (PDF download)

Camden County: 15 Heroin Overdoses in One Day

Poisoned or dangerous heroin continues to wreak havoc in New Jersey.
Police wouldn't say much about the poisoned heroin other than its labeled “Magic”, and that it was not laced with fentanyl. Fifteen people were hospitalized, but we don't know how many overdosed.

Government: 80% of Heroin Users Started with Prescription Painkillers

Alarming data from the national data centers show that most heroin abusers started with prescription drugs, including opioid pain killers.
Heroin addiction is a problem in New Jersey. As we treat heroin addiction in the Sunrise treatment centers, we learn of the strong connections between prescription drug abuse and heroin. Now the government is publishing data.

How Much Help is 38 New Detox Beds?

With the 38 beds at our new facility in Toms River, Sunrise Detox can now serve up to 3,200 New Jesery residents suffering from addicions each year.
There were 104 overdose deaths in Ocean County alone last year. The 38 beds at Sunrise Detox's new center in Toms River means the center could have helped up to 150 over that same period.

Asbury Park Press on Sunrise Detox Center in Ocean Township

The Open House event was well attended. The new detox center in Toms River seen as an important step towards a solution to the drug treatment problems in New Jersey.
Positive comments and reviews from the Ocean County Prosecutor in the Asbury Park Press today, reporting on the Open House event for the Sunrise Detox Toms River substance abuse treatment center. John Moriarty continued to pledge support for the community, as Sunrise expands operations and adds 38 more beds in Ocean County.

Toms River Drug Treatment Center Almost Ready

Sunrise Detox knows the importance of a high quality, comfortable, safe and secure initial detox as part of a substance abuse treatment plan.
Dec 20, 2014: The driveways and parking lots are being paved, in preparation for painting and striping. The central fireplace is being installed, and the beds and furniture are finding their homes in the various rooms of the new Sunrise Detox Toms River drug and alcohol treatment center (medical detox center).

Middletown Pharmacy Robbery

Police report an armed robbery at a Rite Aid store in Middletown this week, with the suspect demanding ocycodone (opioid prescription pain killers). Police captured the suspect nearby.

Police in Middletown, NJ arrested a suspect accused with armed robbery of a Rite Aid store this week. The suspect demanded oxycodone tablets, and ran off with a bottle of pills. Oxycodone is the chemical name for the synthetic drug (opioid) used in  prescription pain killers sold as Oxycontin and other brands. Oxycodone, hydrocodone, and other synthetic opiods are the focus of a pain killer and heroin addiction epidemic in New Jersey right now.