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After a Narcan Reversal - Issues

How does a Person Die of a Heroin Overdose? What happens after Narcan? Is hospitalization required? Are there side effects to Narcan? Life After Narcan is a new series...
Life after a Narcan reversal must include medical care, and addiction treatment if a person is to recover from the overdose and stay alive. Watch for our new series...

Largest Heroin Bust

Heroin is almost as easy to find as beer, if you know who to ask. Our challenge is to help educate and provide help for those not in control of their need for the drug.
The DEA and local law enforcement confiscated over 150lbs of heroin in one bust. Heroin is everywhere. We need to manage the heroin addiction problem.

NJ Treatment Provider Performance Reports

What is the "success rate" of substance abuse treatment in New Jersey? Governor Christie wants to know, and has asked the Division of Mental Health & Addiction Services to start keeping score for treatment centers.

Governor Christie has signed into law a Bill requiring the State to collect data and report on the performance of substance abuse treatment centers operating in the state. He wants a "Treatment Provider Performance Report". We'd like to help him develop it.

Heroin in oxycodone pills : more dangerous than thought?

A news alert is circulating today about counterfeit oxycodone pills which are actually heroin. But there's more to it than simply the pill color or imprint.

Camden County: 15 Heroin Overdoses in One Day

Poisoned or dangerous heroin continues to wreak havoc in New Jersey.
Police wouldn't say much about the poisoned heroin other than its labeled “Magic”, and that it was not laced with fentanyl. Fifteen people were hospitalized, but we don't know how many overdosed.

Government: 80% of Heroin Users Started with Prescription Painkillers

Alarming data from the national data centers show that most heroin abusers started with prescription drugs, including opioid pain killers.
Heroin addiction is a problem in New Jersey. As we treat heroin addiction in the Sunrise treatment centers, we learn of the strong connections between prescription drug abuse and heroin. Now the government is publishing data.