Largest Heroin Bust

Heroin is almost as easy to find as beer, if you know who to ask. Our challenge is to help educate and provide help for those not in control of their need for the drug.

Authorities just confiscated the largest single amount of heroin ever : 70 kilograms (over 150 lbs). The discovery followed an investigation of Mexican drug operators who had set up a distribution operation in New York, supplying the entire region (including Newe Jersey) with heroin. 

The roughly 154 pounds of heroin is enough to supply "every resident of the entire 5 boroughs of New York City" with a dose of heroin. Agents also confiscated $2 million cash from the same drug dealers.

This is a very real reminder that today, heroin is everywhere in our society. The Mexican supply might be based in New York, but we know the distribution hubs are in Phildelphia and Newark and Camden, and distribution channels have been established in Toms River and many other local communities. Where there is demand, they will bring supply.

Heroin is available on New Jersey street corners and at parties in upscale neighborhoods. The easily-concealed, small ziplock bags of single-dose heroin cost as little as $5 each.

The only way to manage the current heroin abuse and addiction problem in New Jersey is to face the reality that heroin is here and dealers are prepared to satisfy demand for supply. We must work hard to educate, inform, and persuade our friends and neighbors - that heroin is addictive and dangerous, and heroin abuse escalates quickly out of control.  And perhaps most importantly, that heroin addiction can be treated successfully. 

The best time to seek help with heroin abuse is right now. Sooner is always better than later. Get help as soon as the window of accepting help opens... that winodw is likely to shut fast, and heroin addiction does not reduce over time. It grows out of control very quickly. 



by Sunrise Detox Toms River on May 19, 2015, 6:31 p.m.


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