Heroin Kills More People than Vehicle Accidents

According to on-air statistics, heroin purity here is twice the national average, and addicts are as young as 10 years old. Stats like these prove that heroin and opiate addiction is fast becoming everyone's problem.
Heroin kills more people in New Jersey than car accidents.
According to Radio 107.1 FM, Heroin kills
more people in New Jersey than car accidents.

Did you know, last year more people died from heroin overdose than from vehicle accidents? Heroin addiction is a severe problem in New Jersey. Would you believe that 10% of America's heroin addicts live in the Garden State? These alarming statistics come from 107.1FM Jersey Shore Radio.

Jersey Shore's Radio 107.1 FM has been hard at work all this week helping to raise awareness about the heroin addiction epidemic that is plaguing New Jersey communities. Sunrise Detox has been on-hand to help - I've been down at the Ocean County Mall making myself available as a resource for those seeking help and more information about treatment options in New Jersey. With the folks at 107.1FM, we're shedding some serious light on this affliction, with 107 hours of programming including personal stories, advice from professionals in treatment, and some hard-hitting statistics.

10 Year Olds Addicted to Heroin

Would you believe heroin purity here in New Jersey is twice the national average, and that heroin addicts seeking treatment include some as young as 10 years old?

Heroin and opiate addiction is fast becoming everyone's problem in New Jersey. We are trying to support this "raising awareness" campaign as much as possible. Sunrise Detox staff is on-site at various locations throughout the area, providing inside perspectives on how treatment works, includng inside tips on costs and insurance details.


Heroin distributed in New Jersey is nearly twice
as powerful as the national average.

Experts at 3 Locations This Week

Joe Horrocks came up from Florida to be a resource at Freehold Raceway Mall. John Moriarty is manning the booth at the Monmouth Mall, and I will be on-hand to help at the Ocean County Mall. Each of us is on-site answering questions and working with clinicians to try and help anyone who comes down. Sometimes we provide insights and information. Sometimes we help people understand the problems people suffer with substance abuse and addiction. And sometimes, we get people right into treatment - using every resource available to us to get through the red tape and make treatment happen. Immediately.

Help is Available: 877-759-9757

We've also set up a hotline specifically for this event to help raise awareness about New Jersey's heroin problem; if you or someone you know needs help, they can call us at (877)759-9757.

So come on down and help us to raise awareness about New Jersey's increasingly prevalent heroin epidemic. Stationary bikes have been setup, with each mile ridden earning a matching donation to local charities that fully fund opiate addiction recovery. There's opportunity for everyone to participate, which is the primary point of the event: Raising Awareness.

by Sunrise Detox Toms River on May 21, 2014, 12:23 p.m.