Heroin Forum : Dart Coalition Forum Registration

"Can We Talk - Are You Listening?" is a Toms River heroin and opiate forum, scheduled to be held at the Pine Belt Arena from 5pm to 9pm on Tuesday, May 27th. The event is being organized by Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato, and will focus on the heroin epidemic that is sweeping through New Jersey's communities.

Richie Sambora and others join the DART Coalition
of Ocean County to educate and inform about
heroin and addiction in NJ.

The Next Ocean County Herion Forum : Reservations Required

Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato has organized another Toms River heroin forum, scheduled to be held at the Pine Belt Arena from 5pm to 9pm on Tuesday, May 27th. Titled, "Can We Talk - Are You Listening?", the forum will focus on the heroin and prescription opiate epidemic that is ravaging New Jersey's communities.

Bon Jovi Guitarist Richie Sambora to Appear

Held in conjunction with the DART Coalition of Ocean County, the event will be headlined by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame artist Richie Sambora (guitarist, Bon Jovi). The musician is planning to debut a new song at the Toms River event, and has been a potent ally in the fight against prescription drug and heroin abuse. A prior appearance by the artist helped to garner increased drug education awareness throughout the Jersey Shore area.

Real Addiction Stories from Real People

In addition to Sambora's appearance, special presentations will be held by Maureen and Jesse Morella from Jesse's Journey -- a real life story about the aftermath of experimental drug use. Nancy Joyce of canuhearme.org will also be on hand, speaking about how her family dealt with the overdose death of their daughter. Retired DEA agent Douglas Collier will be addressing the forum on behalf of the New Jersey State Attorney General's Office, and an outdoor anti-drug presentation by bicycle stunt show rider Chris Clark is also scheduled.

Reservations Required : This is a Super Popular Meeting

According to the prosecutor's office website, Joseph Coronato extends his invitation to the entire Ocean County community to come, however seating is limited and tickets will be required for admittance into the arena.

For additional information, visit OceanCountyProsecutor.org/upcoming-events/ or click here to register to attend

Sunrise Detox will be There

Representatives from Sunrise Detox will be at the event to address any questions about treatment or addiction, how it takes hold, and how it ruins lives. Thereis hope, though: heroin addiction can be treated sucessfully. We are happy to answer any questions during or after the event, or via phone at 888-443-3869

by Sunrise Detox Toms River on May 27, 2014, 11:36 a.m.