Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverages Quickly Becoming Widespread, Dangerous Trend

Everything Addiction, a good source for information about alcohol and drug addiction, has a good post today about the trend toward caffeinated alcoholic beverages, the dangers involved, and the long-overdue effort to get them off the shelves.

…colleges across the nation are realizing…a new threat to student health that has gained widespread popularity:manufactured caffeinated alcoholic beverages. These drinks contain added caffeine content and other energy-boosting ingredients (much like energy drinks) but are already combined with alcohol, often in excessive amounts. These caffeine-alcohol concoctions come from a variety of smaller brewing companies—one in particular known as Phusion Projects which produces 23.5-ounce alcoholic energy drinks called Four, Four Loko, and Four Maxed. [These beverages] contain 156 milligrams of caffeine (1.5 times more caffeine than an 8-oz. cup of coffee) and 12% alcohol (2.82 oz.)—the equivalent of nearly six bottled beers—in a single can intended for 2.5 servings. The appealingly colorful, graphically designed cans blend in with other soft drinks on convenience store shelves, often leading to confusion about their dangerous potential, and are highly accessible to young drinkers at the affordable price of $2.50…. More>>>

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