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The Effects of Alcohol Use on Relationships

When someone with an alcohol problem is on the exaggeration side of low frustration tolerance, then all the expression occurs – and this is different from that flat, calm, expressing little way of acting. Not being able to handle what one formerly did, having that “low frustration tolerance” type of day, can mean a lot of emotion is coming out. And family, friends, etc are confused and affected by this.

What is the success rate of alcohol intervention?

The problem with statistics is that, by Federal Statute, alcohol treatment is seriously confidential. Furthermore, outcomes over time are pretty much a guess, since it is pretty hard to track people whose treatment was confidential to begin with, many of whom have no desire to remain in contact with the treatment facility. Thus, these are educated guesses …

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I’m Detoxed and Free of Drugs, Why Do I Need a 12-Step Program?

Alcoholics and other addicts in recovery have many more issues to deal with than simply not using, especially in the first couple of years.  For one thing, it can take that long for the body (especially the brain) to repair the effects of the drugs. Along with guidance through the discomfort of this Post Acute …

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Some Comments About Codependency

Codependency, originally called co-alcoholism, refers to a group of emotional difficulties commonly experienced by people who are involved with addicts: family, close friends, co-workers, and so forth. Our Addicts Make Us Crazy Addicts behave in crazy ways, and their behavior affects the people close to them.  As their codependents adjust their lives and attitudes to …

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Substitute Addictions

There are two kinds of addictions. Substance Addictions create pleasure through the use of products that are taken into the body. and include all mood-altering products, drugs (caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, etc.), food-related disorders such as overeating, and so forth. Process Addictions, in contrast, consist of behavior that leads to mood-altering events that provide pleasure, and …

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A Letter To A Friend In Treatment

Dear Ed, Addicts are people who don’t want to: don’t want to feel the pain, don’t want to be uncomfortable, don’t want to feel funny, don’t want to experience the negative at all.  But if we avoid all seemingly negative experiences, how will we appreciate it when we’re having a positive one?  How will we …

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What A Perfect Excuse To Get Wasted!

A young woman I knew killed herself last year. The details don’t matter, but for the sake of anyone dealing with depression in themselves or a family member, I will mention that she had gone off her meds and was drinking. That’s not why I’m writing, though. The anniversary is coming up two weeks from Saturday, and …

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