Ocean County HARP Program ("Blue Hart")

Update: The name changes, but the mission grows stronger with every month. New Jersey's first Heroin Addiction Response Program is now known as "Blue Hart" - the police "Heroin Addiction Response Team".

Addicts referred to treatment instead instead of jail, via cooperation between Ocean County Prosecutor the Manchester and Brick, NJ Police Departments, Sunrise Detox and other NJ treatment centers

New Jersey's first program allowing substance abusers seek help from authorities without risk of prosecution.

For the first time in New Jersey history, drug addicts have a public option for seeking help from authorities without risking prosecution or possession charges. This new program is being called "HARP", derived from Heroin Addiction Response Program. The new program is being led by a coalition of public authorities and local New Jersey treatment providers. Sunrise Detox has contributed expertise, education, and treatment beds behind the scenes for this program, as well as the NARCAN program also spearheaded by Prosecutor Coronado.

According to a new release from the office of the Ocean County Prosecutor :

The program is the latest initiative on the heels of Narcan and the Recovery Coach Program to offer substantial diversion help in order to reduce the impact of heroin and opiate abuse in our community, while encouraging those who suffer from addiction to seek help and experience recovery.

The program was announced by Coronado along with Brick Police Chief James Riccio and Manchester Police Chief Lisa Parker, but has been in development for some time behind the scenes. This program extends learnings obtained from the first Naloxone (NARCAN) program, implemented in 2015 and 2016.

Update: The pilot Blue Hart program was run out of the Lacey, Brick, and Manchester townships police departments, but it expanded to include Ocean Gate, Little Egg Harbor, Stafford, and Point Pleasant Borough police departments.

Medical Detox is the First Step for many headed to Rehab

Medical detox is often a required first step for any addiction treatment involving drugs or alcohol. Many treatment programs are unable accept a patient under the influence of drugs, and will send the patient for medical detox first. As New Jersey's largest and most respected private, independent medical detox provider, Sunrise has provided medical detox services to over 850 treatment centers, as well as courts, municipalities, professional trade associations (e.g. "unions" and Employee Assistance Programs). 

When the Ocean County Prosecutor sought input on the potential for NARCAN distribution in New Jersey, Sunrise Detox joined the discussions, and contributed much-needed detox services to the program, while working with coalition partners throughout the campaign.

Sunrise Detox continues to support the efforts of New Jersey's finest law enforcement and policy-making leaders, as we all work together to stem the tide of heroin addiction and substance abuse in our New Jersey communities.

New Jersey HART Program for Addiction Treatment

As this new HART program develops, Sunrise Detox is committed to continuing support for the efforts, including contributed services, professional participation, and patient advocacy as may be requested or accepted.

We will update this page with more information as the HART program evolves, including specific dates and times when select police departments are scheduled to welcome anyone seeking help with substance abuse, which includes disposing of illegal drugs at the police station, without fear of prosecution.


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