Lush For Life —

The morning after my first office holiday party, I woke up in a dog bed in someone else’s house. This was surprising to everyone involved, but perhaps most poignantly, the dog. The night prior had been an elegant shindig at an Austin bar, where I’d managed to knock back two bottles of wine, suck down a pack of smokes and eat absolutely nothing. I remember having a blast that night, I remember being on fire … and then, I remember nothing. This happened sometimes. A blackout like one of those cartoon anvils that descend from the sky with a whistle and konk you over the head. One moment you’re laughing with friends. Another moment: Ker-PLONK. I woke up that morning when the Labrador’s cold, wet snout nudged into my face. Lady, can you make some room?

I’ve always liked booze, even when I was too young to know I wasn’t allowed to like it….

Lush For Life

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