NJ DUI Checkpoint Yields No Arrests : Everybody Knew

The New Jersey State Police set up a DUI checkpoint outside the PNC Arts Center after a country music concert this past weekend. Nearly one fourth of the cars entering the southbound Garden State Parkway to leave the concert passed through the DUI checkpoint. The concert ended at almost 11pm. Almost 200 vehicles/drivers were actually checked by State Police sobriety-checkers.

Not. One. DUI.

Of almost 200 drivers checked, not a single DUI discovered. Everyone considers this a success. But what does it mean? Are people at country music concerts refraining from drinking? Not likely. Have people discovered secret ways to appear completely sober when checked by trained State Police? Not likely.

What changed was “the war”.  The War on DUI changed. Police announced ahead of time that they would be checking.

Police dropped specifics into social media and the press: Don’t drink and drive. We’re checking, and you will get caught.

Instead of an unexpected covert operation to “catch” impaired drivers leaving a popular concert venue, the Police raised awareness of the dangers of driving while impaired, or even taking a risk of driving after having been drinking. “Make sure you have a designated driver”, they recommended. “Don’t take the risk”, they suggested. “We will be watching”, they warned.

The objective of the sobriety checkpoint is to reduce the number of crashes due to impaired driving – NJ State Police

Apparently, people listened. They did not drink and drive. And the roads were probably much safer.

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