Notice: Someone else needs to run the world — I quit!

Happy Winter, and Happy Holidays!

Didn’t watch the total eclipse of the moon this morning, but I imagine it went off OK without my attention. Some years ago I finally got the idea that I’m not responsible for the operation of the whole Solar system, just my tiny little part of it.

For a long time that wasn’t the case. I don’t mean that I really thought I was responsible for monitoring every eclipse, but you’d have thought I was. There’s no way that eclipse would have escaped my attention, and I would have made it the biggest deal in my little corner of the world. Of course by the time it got interesting I would have been too whacked-out to notice, but that’s how we are, isn’t it?

Until we aren’t — one way or another.

But what I did this weekend meant a whole lot more to me than that astronomical event would have. I spent the weekend with my wife, visiting relatives we rarely see, enjoying the musical performance of my great-niece and her partner — real pros — and just kicking back. Then, on Sunday evening, we had a good time at the Sunrise Detox holiday party.

Things got a touch more hectic than we’d planned, but that’s life. The point is, we didn’t spend the time worrying about someone else’s business. When we could, we relaxed. When we couldn’t relax, we rolled with it.

That serenity thing is the nuts: change what I can (me); accept what I can’t change (everything else); and be wise enough to know the difference.

I owe it all to my program of recovery, and I recommend it highly.

Serenity is more than sitting still
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