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Sunrise Detox Fort Lauderdale is your home away from home while you focus on getting better. The experts at our facilities know what it takes to provide clients with a low-anxiety and effective start to recovery. Our detox center in Fort Lauderdale isn’t your typical treatment center. Some would even say that Sunrise Detox Fort Lauderdale feels more like a stay in a fine hotel than a medical center. We don’t believe in stark hospital settings or outdated treatment styles. We want to empower our clients to take back their life and get on the road to freedom, so we include our highest level of care in everything we do from our treatment plans to our staff friendliness. That’s detox with dignity. From the first method of contact to your last day with us, our focus is on getting you here, getting you treated, and helping get your life back. No matter the amount of time you have been fighting addiction, no matter the substance, we’re committed to seeing you recover.

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Sunrise Detox Center is commited to offering you the highest quality drug and alcohol detox through supervised medical treatment.

We emphasize our treatment around the support, and encouragement of family and friends in a safe and comfortable environment to minimize the dangerous and sometimes fatal symptoms of Addiction withdrawal.

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