Sunrise Detox Music Program in the News

One of the “people’s choice” favorite programs at Sunrise Detox in New Jersey is the music program. Thanks to dedicated, compassionate, and insightful musicians like Ricky Byrd, we’ve been exploring the strong connections between drug use, alcohol use, creativity, active engaged lifestyles, and even Rock n Roll, in the context of addiction  and sober living.

Guests at Sunrise Detox in New Jersey love it.

Ricky enjoys writing songs of his personal experiences, and expressing his insights into addiction and recovery. He also genuinely enjoys the community of friends and associates he has developed over his many years in rock and roll, and the past several years working with Sunrise Detox.

Just about everyone who has participated in the music program at Sunrise Detox will agree the connections between music and treatment for substance abuse is amazing, and that Ricky’s perspectives help foster hope where it is truly needed. And now, Ricky is taking that message on the road, with a concert in Torrington Connecticut this weekend.

Learn more about this weekend’s concert in CT from NewsTimes of Danbury.

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