Sunrise Detox Stirling, NJ

Addiction Detox Stirling, NJ

Sunrise Detox Stirling has been serving the New York Metropolitan area for 17 years and has since seen thousands of clients find health and freedom through our award-winning detox program. Our Stirling, NJ location sits in the private suburbs of one of the world’s largest cities, so you can have access to the care you need while finding freedom from addiction in the comfort and quiet of our facilities.

At Sunrise Detox Stirling, we focus on the whole person, not just what we see from their struggles with drugs and alcohol. We believe that providing long-lasting sobriety starts with medical detox in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. You’ll find that Sunrise Detox is different from other detox centers. Our policy is “Detox with Dignity,” so instead of locked doors, hospital gowns, and outdated methodologies for recovery, we invite our guests to explore and discover all there is to see at our facilities. Our staff is here to support you and provide you with encouragement that goes deeper than the surface. We truly want to see you find freedom for life, so you can expect high-level medical treatment, professional friendliness, and patient-centered recovery.

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Sunrise Detox Center is commited to offering you the highest quality drug and alcohol detox through supervised medical treatment.

We emphasize our treatment around the support, and encouragement of family and friends in a safe and comfortable environment to minimize the dangerous and sometimes fatal symptoms of Addiction withdrawal.

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