The Year in Synthetic Drugs — Spice and Bath Salts

We’ve heard a lot about the dangers of “Spice” and “Bath Salts” over the past year.  2012 was the Year of the Synthetics, and much ado was made about them.  Just how bad are they, really?  Will they make you eat people’s faces?  (No)  Are they safe?  (Maybe, sometimes)  Are they a good idea (Not really).  Here’s an article that every addict and recreational drug user needs to read, free of the media hype, and containing balanced information.

To begin with, bath salts—just like Spice and other cannabis spinoffs—are no longer legal. And many of the drugs found in bath salts appear to be addictive. Some carry known health hazards. And, although it was the desire to finesse drug testing that gave a major push to this new class of recreational chemicals, major bath salt ingredients can now be detected in routine urinalysis.

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