Where Evil Lies — Maia Szalavitz

This isn’t our usual fare here at Sunrise Detox Blog, but this is such an important issue — directly related to addiction — that we thought it necessary to share the article.

Tales of sex abuse of children inside the college football franchise reveal a conspiracy to protect the powerful. For addicts, it’s a familiar story….

…Our stereotypes about drug use and “troubled youth” are a huge part of the problem. America is inundated with portrayals of these teens and children as “liars” and “manipulators” whose complaints should rarely be believed. Ironically, former addicts on the recovery bandwagon often reinforce these prejudices, claiming that active alcoholics and drug addicts are inherently untrustworthy, given to lying as though it were breathing. “When is an addict lying?” the “joke” goes: “When his lips are moving.”

…I’ve seen the devastating results of this stigmatizing stereotype….

Read More: http://www.thefix.com/content/penn-state-abuse-and-addiction

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